Monday, 10 December 2012

For the holidays

  travel frequently with their children and have put together a website with information on child friendly destinations; the activities you can take part in with children at those destinations; and useful hints for traveling with children. The information can be found on their website:

Happy reading, happy holidays and happy and safe traveling with your children.

A quote for Monday

The same advice seems to go for reading. Children surrounded by language become language users. Children surrounded by reading become readers. Talk and read to a child today.
Thanks to Explorations Early Learning for this lovely quote. Enjoy your children, the conversations you have today will provide lasting memories for you both.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Toys, toys and more toys

ECCE Unit are inviting our friends and collegues to contribute to sharing the toys and books that their children have enjoyed and may have grown out of. We are planning to distribute these to children and their families throughout the year to support families. When families have books, they are able to sit and enjoy them together. When familes have good quality toys, their children are able to enjoy playing with them, exploring what the toys can do and finding new and interesting ways to engage with them. Please support us to support our families by donating as outlined below.